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Can you give a cat Benadryl for stuffy nose?

Can you give a cat Benadryl for stuffy nose?

“It is safe,” says John Faught, a DVM and medical director of the Firehouse Animal Health Center in Austin, Texas. “Benadryl is just an antihistamine, and it’s relatively safe for both dogs and cats.”

Which is the best nasal decongestant for cats?

The hot steam will help reduce the swelling and moisten the mucus in kitty’s nose, thus easing the congestion. Nasal sprays. A popular and 100 percent safe natural decongestant for cats and humans alike is a nasal spray containing plain saline.

How to get rid of congestion in cats?

Steam. Hot, concentrated steam can relieve congestion in cats just like in humans. Take the cat inside the steamy bathroom while you’re taking a shower. The hot steam will help reduce the swelling and moisten the mucus in kitty’s nose, thus easing the congestion.

Why do I need to give my dog a decongestant?

Decongestants Help Relieve Congested Noses. When your pet has an allergy attack, his nasal tissues swell, and his nose produces more mucus. This increased mucus production causes nasal congestion, and your dog or cat may have trouble breathing. As their name suggests, decongestants reduce congestion or swelling, especially in the nasal passages.

Are there any side effects if you give a cat decongestant?

Side effects in cats are rare, but some have been reported to experience vomiting and nausea. In even more rare instances, some cats have allergic reactions to the drug, experiencing rashes with hives, difficulty breathing and swelling in the face, particularly around the mouth.

Can a cat take Mucinex for congestion?

Mucinex is not a prescription drug, but it is still pretty powerful and not something you want to give to your cat , in any amount. If you are noticing that they are experiencing signs of congestion, and this is something new to them, you should not just have a knee-jerk reaction like giving them a pill or cough syrup.

Can cats take human cold medication?

It is good to know that human colds cannot be transmittable to cats and cat colds will not affect humans. The cold medicine can cause an allergic reaction in your cat and in some cases, it may even be toxic for your pet; it all depends on the ingredients of the cold medicine. If you have given human cold medicine to your cat, you should watch out for poisoning symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, pale gums, confusion or sudden collapse. If these symptoms occur, you should stimulate

Is nasal spray safe for cats?

The only safe nose spray to use in cats is the saline nasal sprays made for infants (such as Little Noses). In general other sprays do not help very much and only aggravate the cat. If he has severe upper respiratory signs then you really need to consult with your vet,…

Can cats get sinus infections?

Sinus infections in cats are caused when bacteria, fungi or viruses enter the upper respiratory tract. A cat’s sinuses can also be affected by dental infections, tumors, and migration of foreign bodies such as hairballs, plant pollen or undigested food into the sinuses.