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How long is a Bengal a kitten for?

How long is a Bengal a kitten for?

Top Bengal Cat Claims Bengal cats are relatively healthy, and you can expect them to live an average of 12 to 16 years or more with proper care. That doesn’t mean they don’t get hurt or sick.

How do I know if my Bengal cat is happy?

When you get home if your Bengal is happy to see you as soon as you get home they’re going to greet you with their tail up in the air. When they are extremely happy their tail will bolt totally straight up and often will have a hook at the end of it and often will be quivering in response to seeing you.

How do you bond with a Bengal kitten?

Bengal cats are also known to be talkative. Another suggested way of how to bond with your cat is to speak back to them. Many pet owners adopt a special tone of voice with their fur babies (the way parents do with their human children). Your feline will grow to associate that loving tone of voice with you.

Is it normal for a Bengal kitten to change color?

As you can see, Bengal kittens do change color as they mature, both in their coat and in their eyes. However, it doesn’t change their personality or the fact that Bengal cats make great pets.

When does a Bengal kitten lose its guard hairs?

As a Bengal kitten matures, it will lose its guard hairs and often begin to get darker, especially in its background color. In some cases, a kitten that has a tan or light brown background will develop an orange background as it matures.

What kind of body does a Bengal cat have?

Some other cats may have this same feature, but it is one that the Bengal Cat gets from the Asian Leopard Cat. The Bengal Cat’s body is typically long, with a long tail that they can use for balancing while they climb all over your house.

What happens to a Bengal cat in the winter?

In the winter, Bengal cats will have a darker coat, which can make those with darker backgrounds lose contrast in their coats. Another change that Bengal kittens go through is in the color of their eyes.

Is it normal for a Bengal cat’s coat to change?

Bengal kitten pattern development and color changing is something that anyone considering adopting a Bengal kitten needs to be aware of. Because, yes, Bengal cat spots fade as they age. Their coats will also change in color over the next couple of years.

What are the quirks of a Bengal cat?

One unique quirk of the breed is that they love water. Your Bengal might insist on drinking from faucets or want to accompany you in the shower. With their high IQs, you’ll need to keep them endlessly occupied. Buy a variety of cat toys for them to play with or they’ll make their own fun.

Can a Bengal cat be forced to do something?

Remember, your Bengal is extremely intelligent and cannot be forced to do anything it doesn’t want to do. On the other hand, with proper training their thinking can be re-directed and Bengal cat behavior problems can be solved with patience and understanding.

Why does my Bengal cat jump on the counter?

Bengal cats love food and they know that wonderful food smells come from counters and tables. The moment your back is turned, your Bengal will try to jump up and taste what’s cooking. Not only is having a Bengal on the counter while you are cooking unsanitary, it could also be dangerous.