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How to Keep Your Dogs from Going Astray

Your dog may be your best companion but that does not mean that he is tied to you for life. Most dogs tend to run away at the first opportunity thus creating a problem for their master. Unfortunately frequently trying to find your furry friend can be a little daunting. In such a situation the only thing you can do is to prevent such incidents. Here are some sure-shot ways that would help you do so.


One reason why dogs want to run away is to find a mate. Female dogs produce a specific scent when they are in the heat period and male dogs rush when they smell it. You could get your pet spayed or neutered and this problem would be quickly addressed. Check a nearby clinic that can help you get this done.


Sometimes the pup is fearful of something in the home and its surroundings. It could be because of any external noises or an unusual circumstance in your home itself. At best you may consult the vet to ask for a suggestion to tackle this. You should also buy the best dog harness that could keep your pet under control.


It is possible that your dog is not finding the present situations interesting enough. He wants some playing around which you are not taking care of. To escape the boredom he might want to run away once a while. The solution, in this case, is simple, you just need to spend time with him and indulge him in activities that stimulate him.

Moving homes

If you have recently shifted homes it is possible that the dog would still want to go back to the old place. He might not be able to grasp that the situation is permanent and that is why keeps going back to it. You must first unpack the items he is familiar with so that he can believe that you are going to stay here. Give him lots of love and handle with patience as he comes to accept the change.

Habit if roaming around

Maybe you received the dog from someone and in his previous home, he had the habit of moving freely. This habit is a really difficult one to change and he may want to continue in the new home too. You would have to use some training tricks to make him understand the new rules. If possible take the help of trained professionals as they know how to modify the pet’s habits.


Often pet dogs run away for reasons that you may never understand. It will take time before your dog understands that he needs to be with you or someone in your family. Until that happens, you may use the above-mentioned tactics to keep him from going anywhere. If nothing works, you may always consult a vet and discuss the matter with him. Using a harness is a reliable solution but if the dog is in a mood of playing, you could take it out thus making it a suitable situation for both of you.