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Is it possible to care for a rabbit with a disability?

Is it possible to care for a rabbit with a disability?

Fortunately, your rabbit can still have a good quality of life with his disability, provide that you give him dedicated and proper care. Keep in mind that not all disabilities can be treated. If the disability cannot be treated or managed well, it may negatively affect your disabled rabbit’s quality of life.

Is it bad for an older rabbit to be too thin?

Not all older rabbits are too thin. Like some people, older rabbits can also have trouble with obesity. Carrying extra weight is very hard on arthritic joints and can cause or intensify other health problems such as heart and digestive problems. Discuss your rabbit’s ideal weight with your veterinarian and work to achieve and maintain it.

What should you do if your rabbit is having behavioral issues?

Both males and females can be neutered / spayed as soon as they reach sexual maturity and this very often virtually eradicates the troublesome behaviour. Once rabbits have been de-sexed, they tend to exercise less and put on weight easier and we should begin to limit their dry food to about an eggcup a day.

When to put a senior rabbit back together?

Ensure that both rabbits can still see and smell each other and put them back together as soon as they have finished eating. Generally senior rabbits do not require any form of supplementation.

What should I do if my Bunny is getting old?

Monitor changes in your bunny’s weight and adjust its diet accordingly. Older rabbits often need food pellets, which are available at local pet stores. These will give your bunny a calorie boost to make up for the loss of bone mass and muscle.

What to do if your rabbit is not feeling well?

If you do not know where to look, to find a referral consider contacting a local rabbit club or group, the National House Rabbit Society or go to the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians . Have your rabbit examined while he is still healthy and establish a place to go when your bunny is not feeling so well. This could be a life saver!

When does a rabbit start to show signs of aging?

Lifespans vary from rabbit to rabbit. No matter how old your rabbit gets, you’ll start to notice signs of aging after around four years old. Keep an eye out for these potential changes in your bunny: Small white hairs might develop behind its ears. It might sleep more than it used to. Its coat might become more coarse, or thinner and finer.

How often should a 4 year old rabbit go to the vet?

Elevated enzymes or liver disease might be caught early if you continue to take your rabbit in for regular checkups. From the time a rabbit is four years old, he or she should see the vet at least once each year.