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Tissot Silen-T – Discrete Luxury Tissot Watch

The busy businessman often uses the vibrating or quiet function of beeps and cell phones. Under the direction of telecommunications experts, Tissot presented a similar concept for one of its unique watches. The Tissot Silen-T is a watch that gives the modern businessman a new feeling of discretion. At the push of a button, this watch can display the time by slight vibrations on the right hand. The alarm function can also be set to vibrate. It is no bigger than the average watch and definitely exudes a modern atmosphere on the wrist of every wearer. There are three main groups of consumers who will benefit greatly from the Tissot Silen-T collection. Business people in the rapidly changing business world, tact and diplomacy are essential parts of the skills. The Tissot Silen-T is a watch that can improve a person’s ability to be discreet.

Busy professionals can focus their attention and eye contact on the task while reading the time accurately at the push of a button. The vibrations of this watch are completely quiet, unlike those from cell phones and beeps, which tend to be annoying. It is a practical solution for professionals on the go, on tight schedules, and communicating effectively.

Tissot Silen-T is a revolutionary breakthrough for people with partial to complete vision loss. It is suitable for people with degenerative diseases, congenital diseases, and the elderly. Gone are the days of groping around with big clocks with high properties to show the time. By pressing a button, you now know what time it is. The alarm function is also easy to configure. This gives a feeling of comfort and security for the important notifications that are necessary for daily life. The Tissot Silen-T is a trendy alternative for everyone who wants to be both on time and stylish. The father of the family Discretion has its advantages, as does precision and organization. This watch can be used as an organizational tool to manage a full family plan. Access to the time and the silent alarm by an alarm can also be helpful outside of the professional environment. The Tissot Silen-T can serve as a friendly reminder of an appointment or a sporting event for children. It is a polite alternative to options that are audible in a church service or in a family and social role.

Tissot Silen-T watches are available in a range of colors and designs to meet the needs of smart professionals, the visually impaired, and those with complex family plans. Whether it is a black leather strap or a gray stainless steel strap, this is a very elegant and modern watch. All models are waterproof up to 30 meters and represent the innovation and artistic design that Tissot has been behind for over 150 years.