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What advice does Mr Spencer give to Holden?

What advice does Mr Spencer give to Holden?

In Chapter 2, Mr. Spencer tells Holden that “Life is a game that one plays according to the rules.” Holden immediately rejects this advice, arguing, If you get on the side where all the hot-shots are, then it’s a game, all rightI’ll admit that.

Why does Mr Spencer read the essay about Egyptians and how does Holden react to hearing the paper read?

A great liar, can talk about something and think of another, a heavy smoker. Why does Mr. Spencer read the essay about the Egyptians? He wants to show Holden why he failed history, and even Holden can tell Spencer feels bad about it.

What does Spencer yell at Holden as he leaves?

Holden becomes very uncomfortable with the advice that Mr. Spencer is attempting to give him and he decides to rush out. As he is leaving he believs that he hears the older man call out “Good Luck.”

What does Holden do the night Allie died?

Allie died of leukemia at the Caulfields’ summer home in Maine on J. He was 11 years old; Holden was 13. Holden, distraught over the loss of his brother, broke his hand punching the windows out of the garage of their summer home.

Why does Holden lie about Ernie?

First, Holden’s contempt for many of his peers has alienated him and made him lonely. It’s no surprise he does not like Ernest; he does not like or get along with most people because he is highly critical of them. Second, Holden is a compulsive liar, as he admits himself. This is a sign of his immaturity.

Why does Holden call himself a liar?

Holden calls himself a liar because he tells Mr. Spencer a white lie to get out of having hot chocolate with him. Holden then muses, I’m the most terrific liar you ever saw in your life.

Why does Holden lie to Ms Morrow?

Mrs. Morrow is the mother of one of Holden’s classmates. He lies to her because he doesn’t want her to know that he’s been kicked out of school.

Who sits down next to Holden on the train?

Mrs. Morrow

What does Holden think of Mrs Morrow?

What does Holden think of Mrs. Morrow? He thinks she’s a nice person and has a lot of sex appeal.

Why is Jane so special to Holden?

Jane Gallagher A girl with whom Holden spent a lot of time one summer, when their families stayed in neighboring summer houses in Maine. Jane never actually appears in The Catcher in the Rye, but she is extremely important to Holden, because she is one of the few girls whom he both respects and finds attractive.

What does Holden tell Mrs Morrow his name is?

Rudolf Schmidt

What started the fight between Holden and Stradlater?

Holden and Stradlater fight because Stradlater has had a date with Jane Gallagher. Holden annoys Stradlater by writing the composition about a baseball glove rather than about a room or house, as Stradlater had asked him. Holden then tears up the composition in anger, and they get into a fight.

Why is Holden so angry with Stradlater?

Holden tore up the composition and threw it away because Stradlater was being ungrateful. He complained that it was written about a baseball glove instead of a room or a house. Holden was upset with Stradlater because he wouldn’t tell him about his date with Jane.

Why is Holden upset about Stradlater date?

Holden punches Stradlater because he assumes that Stradlater had seduced Jane on their date.