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What archetype is Harry Potter?

What archetype is Harry Potter?


Is Harry Potter a hero archetype?

As Nikolajeva states, Harry has many of the traits that would make him an archetypal hero. Harry Potter may be described as the archetypal hero because of the heroic Page 6 journey he has experienced; nevertheless, it is the traits that he possesses that separate him from the archetype of hero.

Why are archetypal characters important?

Why are archetypes important in literature? Archetypes allow the reader or audience to connect certain parts of themselves with the characters, which can help them to become more invested in the story. This experience can help readers to see parts of themselves that maybe they hadn’t considered before.

How do archetypes affect personality?

Archetypes Influence Behavior Jung described archetypes as “the forms which the instincts assume.” No matter what image of the Hero you hold in mind, for example, certain patterns of behavior and personality traits arise like bravery, valor, persistence, and action.

How are archetypes determined?

Jungian archetypes are defined as universal, archaic symbols and images that derive from the collective unconscious, as proposed by Carl Jung. Archetypes, according to Jung, seek actualization within the context of an individual’s environment and determine the degree of individuation.

What archetype is Achilles?

The Jungian archetype of the struggle between contentment and passion is The Achilles Archetype. For those who don’t remember“The Iliad”, Achilles is the son of a mortal man and a goddess. We see the dichotomy of the question in his make-up.

What animal represents corruption?

Raccoon: The raccoon symbolizes curiosity, adaptability and resourcefulness. Serpent: The serpent symbolizes chaos, corruption and darkness.