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What are the benefits of being a respiratory therapist?

What are the benefits of being a respiratory therapist?

The advantages of being a respiratory therapist include opportunities for professional growth and promotion. Graduates of an accredited respiratory therapy training program can sit for a qualifying exam and earn a Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT) credential issued by the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC).

Is respiratory a good career?

The occupational outlook for both nurses and respiratory therapists is strong. Respiratory therapist employment is expected to increase 23 percent by 2026, even faster.

What is the best school for respiratory therapy?

Best Respiratory Therapist ProgramsRankUniversity TitleUniversity Description1Northern Michigan UniversityTweet Share School website2Middle Georgia State UniversityTweet Share School website3University of the Incarnate WordTweet Share School website4Kettering CollegeTweet Share School website19 •

How do I prepare for respiratory school?

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How do I become a good respiratory therapist?

6 Personality Traits of a Good Respiratory TherapistCompassion. Respiratory therapists should be able to provide emotional support to patients undergoing treatment and be sympathetic to their needs, regardless of health status.Detail-Oriented. Interpersonal Skills. Patience. Problem-Solving Skills. Science and Math Skills.