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What do you do with a pregnant feral cat?

What do you do with a pregnant feral cat?

To reduce her stress, provide a warm, secluded, quiet area for her to give birth and nurse her litter. If you cannot trap her, or if she seems about to give birth outside, provide a warm, outdoor cat shelter so she can choose to have her kittens in it.

Is it safe to catch a pregnant feral cat?

Unfixed animals contribute to overpopulation, and feral cats and kittens typically live brief lives of danger and suffering. Catch the pregnant feline humanely and safely using a feral cat trap.

Is there a way to domesticate a feral cat?

Unless you manage to capture a feral kitten (and I mean a real kitten, 4-8 weeks old), there is almost no way to domesticate a feral adult cat. A feral cat will probably not have a better life inside a home, as the cat will be scared of the setting, and of you, for its entire life.

When to stop playing with a feral cat?

Do not play with kittens until they are six to eight weeks old. Playing with the kittens before this age could cause the feral cat to abandon her kittens before they are weaned or become aggressive towards you. Caring for an animal, let alone a feral one, is hard work.

When to spay a rescued pregnant cat or not?

Animal shelters approach the issue in different ways: Spay the mother cat; if late-term pregnancy, try to save any viable kittens (this would not happen in a “kill shelter.”) Spay the mother cat in all cases, right up until birth. Observe what has been called the “Gold Standard,” and never spay a rescued pregnant cat.

When to let a pregnant feral cat back out?

Warnings Some feral cats that were pregnant may need more than one or two days to heal after anesthesia and surgery. If a feral cat still seems a little on the woozy side, wait a little longer before letting her back outdoors. Never touch a feral cat while she is conscious, whether she’s a few weeks old or a few years. It simply isn’t safe.

Is it OK to take care of a pregnant stray cat?

Because it is generally a bad idea to try to care for a pregnant feral cat. Feral cats are already leery of humans and adding babies to the mix could turn violent. You are better off leaving feral cats alone. As for strays, they typically need as much help as they can get.

When is the best time to adopt a feral cat?

We usually recommend adopting a feral cat only in situations where the cat sustained an injury and requires constant care and medication or you are fostering a pregnant or nursing feral cat who seems like she can be socialized.

Can a feral cat take care of itself?

A feral cat is one that has never been in captivity. It knows nothing about human companionship; it doesn’t need human companionship; it is not interested in human companionship. A pregnant feral cat is perfectly capable of taking care of itself and its babies. Why make this distinction?