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What does it mean when a cat misses the litter box?

What does it mean when a cat misses the litter box?

Urinary tract infections, bladder infections, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and other illnesses can cause mishaps around the house. If your cat seems agitated or visits the litter box frequently without eliminating, infection or inflammation could be the culprit.

Do litter boxes need to be separated?

Place litter boxes in separate, socially important areas. If your cat is marking outside the litter box, it’s important to put the boxes places where they’re marking. If you have multiple cats, do not place the boxes side-by-side, right next to each other.

What do I do if my cat is missing the litter box?

To start with your vet might suggest that you make sure that your cat’s litter box is clean. Some cats will urinate in inappropriate places if they find their litter too dirty. Switching to new litter can also lead to urinating outside the box if your cat doesn’t like the change.

Is it good to get a second cat?

For cats that are left on their own for long periods each day, it is a good idea to consider providing another cat for company. Sociable interaction with another cat can greatly enrich their daily lives. This gives the new cat a place to hide, plus some of its smell will be on you and in the room, giving it confidence.

Why is my second cat not using the litter box?

Your second cat might not be using the litter box because it’s too small or too big for their taste. Some cats prefer boxes with high sides, while older pets might do better with low-entry boxes. Scented litter, closed litter boxes, and the texture of litter you use might also put off your cat from using the litter box.

Is it OK to put two litter boxes next to each other?

Placing the litter boxes next to each other is a common mistake that many owners make. That’s because the cats see the two boxes as one, not separate toilets. One of the cats might claim both boxes and block the second cat from using them. You want to place two litter boxes on opposite ends of the house to give your cats privacy.

What are the rules for cat litter boxes?

Here are some basic rules. One litter box plus one extra box for each cat. Your cat should have more than one place to do his/her business. Make sure the litter boxes are placed in different areas of your home. Place litter boxes in separate, socially important areas. Litter boxes should not be in a dark corner in the basement, garage, or hidden.

How often should I change my cat’s litter box?

Virtually all cats like clean litter boxes, so scoop and change your cat’s litter at least once a day. Rinse the litter box out completely with baking soda or unscented soap once a week. The majority of cats prefer large boxes that they can enter easily.