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What GenesisONE offers to us and how can it reach more people in the world

Many entrepreneurs have decided to join the world of cryptocurrencies with that of sports betting, and so far the result has been positive. Due to the great popularity and boom of cryptocurrencies, many entrepreneurs have decided to join the world of cryptocurrencies with that of sports betting, and so far the result has been positive. It appears that cryptocurrencies will become an integral part of world trade.

In the world of digital casinos, the use of Bitcoin and Ethereum have begun to normalize; the first and second largest cryptocurrencies in the universe respectively; as payment methods. However, there are also special ICOs like GenesisONE that are able to reach more players who may have limited access to cryptocurrencies.

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, a kind of fundraising mechanism for new cryptocurrency offers. When viewed from its working pattern, this is similar to an IPO or Initial Public Offering which raises funds when a new company enters the stock exchange.

GenesisONE is an ICO, more than just a crypto currency or blockchain. GenesisONE is a community that doesn’t limit people from anywhere. These communities work collectively to become a kind of business protector for those who are isolated and marginalized around the world.

GenesisONE provides security features that are routed through BTC and other cryptocurrencies. One of them is the so called burnable feature which comes in handy if your token is lost or stolen by a third party.

Not only security features, GenesisONE also provides some kind of flexibility so that you can use your token to invest in various GenesisONE projects. By investing in the GenesisONE project, you will be entitled to receive dividend calculated from the performance of the project.

GenesisONE as a gaming platform

GenesisONE provides a variety of playing tools such as Sportsbook, CyberLottery, NeoGenesis and other virtual casinos that allow you to participate in a wide variety of lottery games scattered around the world. You can enter and play in the markets of South Africa, India, Russia, EuroMillions in Europe, even in mega lotteries in the United States such as MegaBall in California, PowerBall in Florida.

NeoGenesis wallet

One of the features provided by GenesisONE to help you trade commodities digitally is the NeoGenesis wallet. The NeoGenesis wallet provides both algorithmic and quantitative trading with a margin account option. This means that you can flexibly trade binary pairs, stocks, forex and more.

GenONE Coin

This is a stable coin offering from GenesisONE which is centrally managed to ensure the stability of the value of the coin. The stability standard set is $ 1 USD and this value is the basis of this ICO’s future banking platform. With standardization, GenesisONE can create a wider community based on the belief in the safe value of coins from the threat of impairment. What this means is that every user can be sure that the amount spent is the same value at the time of the transaction as well as the next day.

GenesisONE aspires to be a single platform for online gambling games, crypto currency trading, forex, to physical commodities such as agribusiness, logistics, hotels, restaurants, banking, and groceries. The ICO also aspires to make a global progress in agriculture by promoting fruit and vegetable production techniques without widespread soil erosion and the reduction of synthetic pesticides that are harmful to the environment.

From just an ordinary cryptocurrency, GenesisONE will develop to affect all aspects of human life, ensuring that they will have more convenience to join the world’s business communities.

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