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What happens if your essay is under the word count?

What happens if your essay is under the word count?

If you write significantly less than the word count there is a risk that your work will not adequately address the assignment or the learning outcomes. Your work will be assessed on its academic merits and this will be reflected in the mark awarded and the feedback on the piece of work.

How do you lower word count in an essay?

10 Tricks to Reduce Your Word Count in Academic WritingDelete “The” You can often omit the word the from your text without losing any meaning. Erase That Remove Adverbs and Adjectives. Use Shorter Words. Trim Wordy Phrases. Choose Active Voice. Revise Needless Transitions. Eliminate Conjunctions.

How do you check word count on Tumblr?

Go to and click the Test by Direct Input tab. Copy and paste your writing into the text box. Submit your text to see six measures of readability, word count and other text stats.

Does Tumblr have a word limit?

Possibly to reduce spam, you can ask only 10 questions per hour (of which 5 can be anonymous). You will also have to adhere to a character limit of 500 characters.

How can I count my words?

To count the number of words in only part of your document, select the text you want to count. Then on the Tools menu, click Word Count. Just like the Word desktop program, Word for the web counts words while you type.