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What is a visual description?

What is a visual description?

Visual descriptions provide information about the visual appearance of spaces, objects, people, and more. The term “visual description” can explain when someone describes the visual context of a location, person, or space in real time, and it may also be used in reference to image and audio descriptions.

Who are image descriptions for?

Who Do Image Descriptions Help? Screen readers can’t interpret images and must rely on text to read out loud the information on the page to people who are blind, as well as others who use them.

How do you write an attractive description?

When writing descriptions that include features and benefits, keep in mind the following:You don’t have to list benefits of every feature. Pick the three highest value features.Describe the advantages of the features and what they bring to the table.Explain how it will solve a problem or help the customer.

What is image title?

What Is Image Title Text? The image title text attribute is an attribute that is used to provide additional information about the image. That being said, the image title is not used for search ranking, so it is not quite as important to optimize for.