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What is marked lethargy?

What is marked lethargy?

Lethargy causes you to feel sleepy or fatigued and sluggish. This sluggishness may be physical or mental. People with these symptoms are described as lethargic. Lethargy can be related to an underlying physical or mental condition.

How is the word’lethargic’used in a sentence?

During the hottest days of summer I feel so lethargic that all I want to do is drink iced tea and paint. 🔊 Although Henry seems to have a lethargic attitude, he’s really quite a go-getter. 🔊 The reviews were not very complimentary, saying that the lead actor’s portrayal of his character was lethargic and unimaginative. 🔊

When to take a lethargic skier to the Doctor?

If he has been feeling lethargic and disinterested in everything for more than two weeks, you had better take him to a doctor. 🔊 After a long day on the slopes, the lethargic skiers were content just to sit around the fire exchanging stories about their adventures. 🔊

Is there such thing as a lethargic dog?

Lethargy is one of the easiest symptoms to notice and hardest to diagnose. It can be hard to distinguish whether your dog is simply tired or if they’re suffering from something more serious. Depending on your dog’s condition, they may be suffering from other symptoms besides lethargy.

How can you tell if your baby is lethargic?

If it falls down to their side limply, quickly, and heavily, that’s a pretty good indicator that they’re lethargic and not controlling their arm. “If your baby is lethargic, it is dangerous. We never use that word lightly — we are all taught that lethargy should be treated as a medical emergency,” Posner says.

What are the symptoms of a lethargic dog?

A lethargic dog will seem less “happy,” not showing normal interest in their favorite activities and toys. Adult dogs sleep for 12 to 14 hours per day (out of 24 hours). Puppies need more sleep than adults and can easily sleep for 18 to 20 hours per day. Lethargy is excessive sleeping.

What does it mean when a baby is lethargic?

It can be a sign of a cold or stomach bug, but if the baby is lethargic without other symptoms of an illness it could be a real sign of trouble. It could mean that the baby has a heart condition or blood disorder that saps his energy. Sometimes babies who have a true problem can become more lethargic over time.

What does it mean when a chicken is lethargic?

A chicken lethargic may not be able to stand or walk well. It will often be alone when the flock is out scratching and foraging. It may sit or roost with head drooped or tucked into a wing.