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What is the function of the word finally?

What is the function of the word finally?

—used to describe the last action or event in a series of actions or events. —used to introduce a final statement or series of statements. See the full definition for finally in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

How do you use the word finally?

“finally” goes in the middle position of a sentence. If the sentence has a main verb, then we put “finally” before the main verb. Example: The bus finally arrived at midnight. If the sentence has an auxiliary or modal verb, then we put “finally” after the auxiliary / modal verb and before the main verb.

Which adverb is finally?

Answer and Explanation: Yes, finally is an adverb. The corresponding adjective is ‘final. ‘ ‘Finality’ is a related noun.

What ultimately means?

1 : in the end : fundamentally the word comes ultimately from Latin. 2 : eventually ultimately, they agreed.

What does alternately mean?

1 : by turns one after the other His heart rate was 175, his blood pressure alternately spiking and falling.—

What’s the meaning of basically?

1a : at a basic level : in fundamental disposition or nature basically correct basically, they are simple people. b : for the most part they basically play zone defense. 2 : in a basic manner : simply live basically.