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What is the meaning of the title who cares about trees?

What is the meaning of the title who cares about trees?

Answer: The poem is about the destruction of trees caused by human activities and it does sent an answer that EVERYONE SHOULD care about trees. dome7w and 14 more users found this answer helpful.

What is the main theme of the poem Flower School?

The poem is a conversation between a child and his mother. The process of learning of a child by going to the school has been personified with the process of bowing the seed. The soil performs the function of a school and helps the seed to learn the things of how to deal with the situations above the ground.

Who is the poet of the flower school?

Rabindranath Tagore

How does the poet describe the flower school?

This poem is a vivid description of budding flowers and their growth in Spring, and it compares flowers to young school children. The speaker seems to be a young child, who speaks to a mother figure in the poem saying that he believes that the flowers must go to school underground.

Who do the flowers raise their arms up to?

According to the poem, ‘The Flower School’, The flowers raise their arms to hug their mother in the sky.

How do the flowers show their keenness to reach heaven?

How do the flowers show their keenness to reach heaven? => They rush out of the earth.

Which two lines in the first stanza show that Madhobi is a short lived flower?

The wind wants to carry the flower away and the stars are awaiting its arrival. But the leaves upon the plant on which the Madhobi grows do not want to let it go and plead with it to stay. 1. “Is in a rush to leave; As soon as it arrives”: These two lines show that Madhobi is a short- lived flower.

What do the flowers do in their holidays?

The flowers come out in colourful dresses and dance about happily during holidays like children.

What does the child notice in the poem the flower school when the rain comes?

The Flower-School by Rabindranath Tagore is a beautiful poem depicting his longing for his deceased mother. In the rains the branches of trees in the forest clash, the loud clouds make noise by clapping their big hands; at this time the flower children come out dressed in vibrant colors. …

What is the importance of mother portrayed in the poem the flower school?

The speaker tells his mother that the flowers have to go to “school underground” before they are allowed to play during “holidays,” or the rainy season. This combination of personification and metaphor highlights the speaker’s imaginative, juvenile understanding of how flowers sprout and bloom.

What does the east wind do in the month of June the flower school?

What does the east wind do in the month of June? Ans. The east wind brings storm clouds, moist and showers of rain in the month of June.

How does the speaker describe the storm?

The speaker describes the storm which makes the clouds unsteady and with its moist east wind blow,s upon the Heath making a sound.

What does the speaker imagine the flower might also do?

In the poem “To a Butterfly” by William Wordsworth, the speaker imagines that the flower will serve as a resting place and a sanctuary for the butterfly so that he and his sister can observe it.

Where are the flowers all year what does the speaker imagine?

Answer: In this poem the speaker is excitedly watching the monsoon rain and noticing small flowers that have bloomed all over the place. He wonders where they had been all the year round. He imagines they must have been in school just like him.