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What is the smallest font in 12 point?

What is the smallest font in 12 point?

times new roman

What is 12 point font size?

1/6 inch

What font size is similar to handwriting?

If the natural handwriting size for a particular font is about 1/2 inch from the very top to the very bottom, then the font size should be 36 points (1/2 of 72). If the natural size is about 1/4 inch total, then the font size is 18 points (1/4 of 72).

Does Garamond font save ink?

Garamond is a physically smaller font, so it does technically use less ink than other fonts, but at the cost of readability. In other words, text written in 12-point Garamond will be physically smaller than text written in most other 12-point fonts. It technically uses less ink, but it’s also less readable.

Which font uses the most ink?

Century Gothic

What is the most ink efficient font?

Century Gothic, for example, uses on average 30% less ink than Arial. The top five fonts according to for low ink usage are Century Gothic, Times New Roman, Calibri, Verdani, and Arial. Of course, it makes sense to check your print quality and use draft quality, InkSaver, and APFill whenever possible.