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What would be a life without education?

What would be a life without education?

You can’t make it through life without education No human being is able to survive without education. Three reasons why you should get a good education are because you’ll make more money, you’ll live life with a strong sense of pride, and you’ll have more freedom later on in life.

What can you do without education?

High Paying Jobs (With Little to No Formal Education)Bartender. Although bartending does require some skills (mixing drink) it is a relatively low experience job and requires no formal education. Construction. Another great way to earn money with no formal education is through construction. Mail Delivery. Power Plant Operators. Pilots. Commercial Fishing.

What happens if your not educated?

People who lack education have trouble getting ahead in life, have worse health and are poorer than the well-educated. Major effects of lack of education include: poor health, lack of a voice, shorter lifespan, unemployment, exploitation and gender inequality.

What are the best paying jobs with little education?

22 high-paying medical jobs that require little schoolingMedical assistant. National average salary: $36,068 per year. Dental assistant. Phlebotomy technician. Emergency medical technician (EMT) Clinical laboratory technician. Medical coding specialist. Health information technician (HIT) Physical therapist assistant (PTA)