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Which amino acid can cats be given to help a herpes virus infection?

Which amino acid can cats be given to help a herpes virus infection?

Lysine (brand names: Enisyl-F®, Incremin®, Viralys®, Felisyl®, Optixcare) is an amino acid supplement used to treat clinical signs associated with feline herpes virus infection in cats.

How is lysine used to treat feline herpes?

Lysine is mainly used to fight the feline herpesvirus (FHV-1) in cats. In order for FHV-1 to replicate, it needs to bind with the amino acid arginine. Lysine works by interrupting that relationship, therefore making it less likely for the virus to worsen, and will show a diminution in the clinical signs.

Can you give lysine to a sick cat?

Lysine and cats seem to come up quite often when discussing a sick cat, in a community cat colony or a home! Many cat caretakers, shelters, sanctuaries, and vets have recommended lysine supplementation in cats who have Feline Herpes Virus (FHV), a type of feline upper respiratory infection. I do NOT recommend it for the use of controlling FHV.

Is there any natural treatment for feline herpesvirus?

Feline Herpesvirus Natural Treatment NO Lysine! Disclaimer: The contents are for informational purposes only and under no circumstances may they constitute a prescription for treatment or replace the specialist examination or the direct relationship with one’s veterinarian/medical practitioner.

Can you give a cat lysine for conjunctivitis?

In fact, only ONE study noted that it helped cats with conjunctivitis symptoms from the herpes virus, but that was a seriously small study of EIGHT (8) cats. That’s 4 cats treated with lysine and 4 cats in the control group to compare the two.

What is L-lysine and how can it help your cat?

As mentioned earlier, lysine is an amino acid that is used to treat feline herpes. Those who own cats will often utilize lysine supplements in treating the signs and symptoms of the virus. The lysine for cats supplements are specially formulated to inhibit current and recurring symptoms in your cat.

What is the treatment for herpes in cats?

Famciclovir Famciclovir is an antiviral drug used in veterinary medicine to predominantly treat cats suffering from feline herpes virus and FHV (feline viral rhinotracheitis).

What are symptoms of herpes virus in cats?

Herpesvirus in cats symptoms is similar to flu in people. The signs include fever, sneezing, runny eyes, and a snotty nose. These cats feel rough and stop eating. This leads to a downward spiral where the cat feels worse and declines further.

What does L lysine do for cats?

Cat Lysine or L-Lysine for cats is used to treat upper respiratory problems or feline herpes. Not only can it improve their upper respiratory infection (URI) symptoms, but also inflammation of the eyes and conjunctivitis (eye discharge) caused by feline herpes.