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Who is Roaring Kitty being sued by?

Who is Roaring Kitty being sued by?

The suit was filed by the securities class action firm Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro on behalf of Christian Iovin of Washington state and similarly situated individuals. Iovin sold $200,000 worth of call options on GameStop shares when the stock was below $100.

What did Roaring Kitty say?

“I am not a cat.” His cheeky remark sounded like a reference to a Zoom filter faux pas last week, in which a lawyer at a virtual legal hearing in Texas found himself with a cat filter over his face.

Is Roaring Kitty A Millionaire?

The rising stock value allowed him to turn a US$53,000 investment into an investment worth close to $50 million, as of January 28, 2021….

Keith Gill
Other names DeepFuckingValue Roaring Kitty
Alma mater Stonehill College
Occupation Financial analyst
Known for Involvement in the GameStop short squeeze

What did Keith Gill do wrong?

BOSTON — Brockton native Keith Gill, who spent half a year making videos and sharing information about investing, was sued Wednesday in federal district court in Massachusetts for his alleged role in manipulating the stock prices of GameStop.

What happened Roaring Kitty?

April 17 (Reuters) – The man known as “Roaring Kitty” on social media, whose online posts helped spark January’s trading frenzy in GameStop Corp (GME. N), exercised call options on the stock to acquire 50,000 more shares at a strike price of $12, Bloomberg reported.

Did Roaring Kitty sell his shares?

Gill owned 10,000 shares of GameStop at the end of 2020 and increased his holding to 50,000 shares in January and to 100,000 in mid-February. Judging from the updates he posted on Reddit, he never sold his GameStop stakes amid the monstrous short squeeze or in the aftermath.

Why is Keith Gill Roaring Kitty?

Gill became famous due to posts on the r/WallStreetBets subreddit, among other places, where he wrote about the benefits of betting against a number of large hedge funds that were shorting GameStop, a video game retail business that has struggled in recent years.

Where is Keith Gill now?

But before he became an internet folklore hero, Keith Gill was an average guy. According to a Wall Street Journal interview, the 34 year old lives in a suburb of Boston with his two year old daughter. Until recently he worked in marketing for Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company.

What is Roaring Kitty net worth?

As of February 2021, Keith Gill, Roaring Kitty, u/DeepFuckingValue’s Net Worth: $50 million.

How much money did Roaring Kitty make from GameStop?

His total investment in GameStop is now worth more than $30 million, giving him a profit of nearly $20 million, Bloomberg said.

Did Roaring Kitty lose his job?

‘Roaring Kitty’ Loses FINRA License The end of Gill’s registration with the regulatory agency came approximately one month after he resigned from his position at MML. 26, after he left the MassMutual broker/dealer the month before, according to the New York Post.

Where did Roaring Kitty get his money?

The investor was a former marketer for Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance. Through YouTube videos and Reddit posts, Gill encouraged a band of retail traders to squeeze out short selling hedge funds in GameStop.

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