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Why do cats have little bald spots above their eyes?

Why do cats have little bald spots above their eyes?

Hair loss above a cat’s eyes (facial alopecia) commonly occurs as cats grow in size and their fur thins out. However, feline hair loss can also be genetic. Fungal infections, mites, fleas, and stress are other causes. Facial hair loss in cats is usually due to the aging process.

Why does my cat have bald spots above their eyes?

Facial hair loss in cats is often due to the aging process. As a cat grows, the same amount of hair on its body begins to spread out, causing the hair to thin in some areas. However, there are other medical explanations. 1 Why Are Cats Bald Above Their Eyes? Why Are Cats Bald Above Their Eyes?

What does it mean when cats hair comes off in patches?

You can distinguish natural moulting as hair coming off the whole body in an even fashion. When a cat’s hair comes off in patches, especially if it results in a bald spot, then this is not normal shedding. Rather than moulting, this is a condition known as alopecia or, simply, hair loss.

How long does it take for bald spots on cats to heal?

This is likely in the form of a topical cream, an oral pill or even an antifungal cat shampoo for lesser cases. For acute cases the treatment can continue for up to and over 4 weeks, although a resolution should present itself around this time. When healed, any bald spots on the cat should regrow with hair.

Is it bad for a cat to have bald patches?

Although most well-fed cats in good condition with healthy immune systems can keep it at bay. In not-so-serious cases, it may only cause a bit of dandruff, but at its worst, it causes patches of itchy, irritable baldness which are very distressing to poor kitty.

Why does my cat have bald spots on the top of his head?

Ringworm is an itchy fungal infection that thrives in hair follicles and feeds on dead cells. As the fungus occupies a cat’s hair shafts, the shaft breaks at the skin level, resulting in bald patches. Ringworm typically causes itchy, round patches, typically on the top of a cat’s head.

What to do if your cat has bald patches above his eyes?

“Older cats can get ringworm too, so if you notice your cat is suddenly showing signs of balding above their eyes, then it’s time for a vet visit to get a definitive diagnosis.” For further information on bald patches in your cat or other feline related health issues, you can reach Dr. Osborne’s clinic at (866)-372-2765.

Is it normal for cats to lose their hair?

Well, it is normal for cats to shed their coat. This may be particularly defined after winter. If your cat sheds so much hair that she gets bald patches on the head, neck, back, legs, stomach, ears, or above the eyes, there might be an underlying problem that warrants your attention. Your veterinarian will help you determine the underlying causes.

Why does my cat have patches on his back?

Cats can scratch and bite themselves raw and create bare patches just because of the constant irritation. If the cat also becomes allergic to flea saliva this is even worse, with inflammation, lumps, and rashes causing even more damage to the cat’s skin.