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Your Guide to Know What body shape am I?

You know you are different from others, but that doesn’t apply to your mentality and your smartness. Every woman around the world has a distinctive body shape, which is why not every kind of dress suits everyone. If there’s one question that keeps surrounding in your mind, ‘What body shape am I?’ you are like millions of other women around the world who to actually figure out which kinds of dress suit them. It may be tough unless you know what body shape you are – hourglass or an inverted triangle?

Don’t worry as I bring to you a complete guide to understand the different kinds of body shapes to determine yours.

Know What Body Shape You Belong To

Pear Shaped

Do you think you look like celebrities such as Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, or Shakira? They all have pear-shaped bodies. This group has hips that are wider than their shoulders, even wider than their bust, which makes them widest area of your body. So when you have a great waist, why not to show it off to the world? Other features of peer body shape include round buttocks and thighs, round and sloping shoulders and a well-defined waistline.

Apple Shaped

If your hips and shoulders are of the same width and the waistline has the same width or is wider, you fall in the group of apple-shaped people. Women in this group gain weight mainly around the waist and have slender lower legs and arms. They may be short-waisted but have high hips that are wider than their lower hips.

Hourglass Shaped

This is my favorite as this is the most loved shape of men around the world. If you are attractive, but still curious about ‘What body shape am I?, then you must want to know that the women with hourglass shape have shoulders and hips around the same size while their waistline is significantly smaller. Women with hourglass shape have shoulder and hip measurements within five percent of each other, making them look delicious.

Athletic Shaped

This body shape may be not curvy too much, but they have a straight or boxy waistline with the same measurements of hip and chest. If your waist measurement is 75-95% of your shoulder or bust measurement, then you are surely an athletic body woman.

Round Shaped

Women with round body shape have larger busts and fuller midsection, which make them round shaped. Women with this body shape must wear dresses with vertical stripes as they make them look longer than their actual size. Also, women with around shape are likely to gain more weight than others, especially around their midsection.

Inverted Triangle

Women with this body shape have shoulder or bust measurement is more than 5% bigger than their hip. This group must take care of creating a balance between shoulders and hips for a better and appealing appearance. For inverted pyramid shape, shirts with slanting stripes and checks are always recommended.

Lollipop Shaped

If you have this body shape, then you are a member of the none other than Angelina Jolie group. Lollipop-shaped women have impressive round bosoms, broad shoulders and comparatively slimmer hips area. If you fall under this group, you are likely to have longer legs and slimmer thighs. Pay attention to wearing clothes that help in broadening your hipline. Long skirts and high-waisted pants are a big no for women with lollipop shape.