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5 Must-Have Tech Gifts Under $100

Since technology has become a big part of our lives, people want practical gifts. Gone are the days when you made a scrapbook for your friend or a card saying happy birthday. Friends and family want gifts that they can make a part of their lives. If you have got a few birthdays coming up here listed below are six things you can choose from, while staying within your budget.

  • Instant camera

Remember the Polaroid’s that our parents used to have back when we were kids. Now we have instant cameras. This can prove to be an amazing gift for anyone who likes to take pictures. As taking pictures has become a hobby, we see less and less pictures in hard form. Keeping photos in soft copies may be easy but you can end up losing all of them with one wrong click or if you get a virus in your computer. An instant camera costs about $55 which means that it will be easy on the pocket too.

  • White noise sound machine

Many people around us work more than one job to stay afloat. With increase in workload, anxiety increases, with anxiety comes insomnia. A thoughtful gift for someone who has a hard time falling asleep would be a white noise machine. Various researchers show that it increases sleep quality and leaves you feeling fresh in the morning. It costs $79.99 and therefore, will save you the guilt.

  • Drone

With so many people taking up vlogging as a profession, this is a gift you can give to teenagers or anyone around you that is into capturing cinematic shots of nature, games, etc. If you are looking for a drone that comes within your budget and is user friendly then Parrot Mambo is what you have been looking for.

  • Kindle

If you know a book lover then this is the gift you should get them. It is affordable, and it can make reading easier for them. Traveling with books can be tiresome, and they take up space in your luggage. Buying your friend a Kindle will take that load of them, and they will be able to read wherever they want. Its price is $70 which isn’t that much and you’ll soon get the best friend tag for being so thoughtful.

  • XB950 headphones

Who doesn’t love music nowadays? If you have got a music lover in your midst, then you should get them the XB950 headphones. They have an 18-hour battery life that makes them very desirable. So now if you want to dance to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies”, Rihanna’s “Work,Work,Work” or just pop on a song to get away from the outside noise, this can prove to be one of the best hearing protection for mowing the lawn, construction sites, etc.

The above-mentioned products are sure to bring a smile on anyone’s face and make sure that you don’t have to spend more than you can afford. These are some of the best options if you want to stay on a budget.

About the Author:

This article is written by Katherine Joseph. She has been wearing hearing aids for over twenty years and still is a veteran of the audiology industry. She gives a holistic view of the hearing aid industry and the equipment available at