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7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai at Least Once in Life


Think of glamour, concrete and shopping, uniqueness. The city that comes to mind is the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Planning a visit to Dubai, a very popular international travel destination means having a proper budget. Museums, fine dining, cruises, shopping, the desert – you name it, you have it in the city. Everyone knows of the biggest skyscraper in Dubai. This city is also called as the entertainment capital of the Middle East.

Every enthusiastic and devoted traveller should have Dubai in his or her wish-list of travel destinations. It is an ideal travel destination for a family too. The weather is always summer and the best time to visit Dubai is during the months of October to March.

Listed below, is the 7 reasons why you should visit Dubai at least once in life.

1. Sightseeing: In Dubai, there is a wide range of activities to do for both adults and children. The bus tours in the city which has one- day sightseeing is a must. The commentaries in these tours are given in 12 different languages which is a major plus. The Dubai Fountain is another favourite tourist attraction. There is a light show in the evening at 18:00 hours. The duration of this show is of half an hour. The Ras al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is another choice to visit to see the different and varied species of animals. More sightseeing options include the various galleries, the metro, man-made islands, water parks, clubs, indoor ski. Opt for the pink limo rental Dubai service while sightseeing and enhance your experience all the more.

2. Market Places: Think of Shopping, Think of Dubai. The annual Dubai Shopping Festival is known worldwide. There are many malls to choose from to purchase things in your shopping list. Souks, the traditional markets is good for shopping too. Prep up on your bargaining skills before visiting the souks.

3. Beaches: There are many beaches in the city along with many resorts. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel is a favourite option among travellers. Water sports options are plenty. The traveller also have the option to select a private beach.

4. Cruises: Cruise lovers, visit Dubai. You will have many options to choose from. The luxury is unparalleled in these cruises plus the dining experience and a host of activities to choose from. All of this with exemplary service. Options are the mega yacht dinner cruise Dubai and the dhow cruise Dubai marina.

5. Desert Safari: One of the few cities to have dessert safari, its an activity to experience. It includes dune driving, camel rides and sand skiing.

6. Parks and Resorts: Dubai has options of parks and resorts to choose from. It’s a favourite among children. There are theme parks – Legoland, IMG World of Adventure, Bollywood are a few examples. Have a great holiday with your family enjoying the activities in these parks along with great food.

7. Yacht Rental: Tourists have the option of yacht rental Dubai if you wish to enjoy the ocean, fishing or a great boat party.


Apart from the concrete jungle, as one may say Dubai is, it does have an eclectic choice of activities for the tourists to experience and enjoy. So, plan a trip to Dubai as your next travel destination.