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Can kittens survive cat flu?

Can kittens survive cat flu?

Some kittens will fully recover from cat flu and never have a problem again. Unfortunately, some kittens don’t manage to fully get rid of the virus and become ‘carriers’. This means they have the virus for their whole life.

Can vaccinated cats get Cat flu?

Even vaccinated cats can become carriers without showing any symptoms and can infect other cats. Kittens initially get some immunity from their mothers but, as they get older, this fades and they become susceptible to the infection. Infected mothers can infect their kittens without showing illness themselves.

Is it dangerous for mother cat to nurse her kittens?

When kittens nurse they knead and their dirty little paws could be all over mom’s incision which is both painful and dangerous. However, if you are now a week post-op, the wound should have healed enough that no new bacteria would be introduced into the wound. We had a stray momma and her babies here.

When does a mother cat start nursing her kittens?

The mother generally cooperates by lying down and taking up the nursing position. In the third stage, starting at about 5 weeks postpartum, the kittens initiate virtually all nursing. The mother becomes gradually more evasive and uncooperative. Near the end of this stage, the mother begins to wean her kittens by becoming less and less available.

What to do with mother cat after giving birth?

Kittens and cats all love tuna and I have found this to be one of the more effective foods in weaning. As a final step you may want to physically separate the kittens from mom cat. This will not only give mom a break but will also help break the kittens’ dependence.

What does a mother cat do with her kittens?

Mother cats are a endearing, enchanting and confusing. One moment they movethe kittens other times they seem to ignorethem. Sometimes they even rejectthem. Read below to understand and manage their very normal behavior and prepare the kittens for their eventual weaning. mobile page Mother Cat Moves Kittens Mom Ignoring Kittens Weaning Kittens

How old is the mother cat nursing her kittens?

I had a momma cat and one of her kids at adoptions today, kitten is about 10 weeks old, both were fixed last Weds. Kitten was nursing here and there, so I pulled him out in to his own crate, and saw her nipples are each quite red and very sore looking, no swelling, just the nipples themselves, and one had a green color to it.

How is the flu spread from cat to cat?

The flu viruses are spread in a number of ways, including: • direct contact with an infected cat which is showing signs of flu – the virus is present in an infected cat’s tears, saliva and nasal discharge • sneezing can project the particles far enough to infect another nearby cat, but this route of infection is less common

What to do if mother cat is not around to take care of kittens?

If the mother cat is not around or not able to care for her babies, then you will have to take over her responsibilities. This will include feeding the kittens, keeping the kittens warm, and even helping the kittens go to the bathroom.

How old do kittens have to be to get flu shots?

Vaccination courses should start at 8 weeks of age, and booster vaccinations should be given as often as recommended by a veterinarian. Kittens need to be kept indoors and away from other cats until they are fully protected.