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How did Annie Grace stop drinking?

How did Annie Grace stop drinking?

“I realized it wasn’t the alcohol itself that was fun,” she says. “I just believed it was fun, so I was miserable without it.” After a two-week period of withdrawal symptoms such as having trouble sleeping, night sweats, anxiety and restlessness, Grace became completely sober using her mind-over-matter technique.

Does Annie Grace drink?

Annie Grace decided to quit drinking alcohol—but only after finding out why she felt the need to drink in the first place. Grace’s own drinking only began in earnest once she found career success. She grew up in a one-room cabin in the mountains of Colorado with parents who didn’t drink alcohol at all.

What age did Annie Grace stop drinking?

When Annie Grace wrote her book, This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness and Change Your Life, it is unlikely that she realised how much traction it would get. At age 35, and by now drinking two bottles of wine a night, Grace wanted to stop drinking.

What happens when you give up drinking for a year?

What are the results? A few months in, I experienced improved sleep, increased energy, less spiky blood sugar, better mental health, fewer bouts of anxiety. These days, I have fewer headaches and my whole digestive system, in general, feels less irritated and inflamed, with a growing sense of general wellbeing.

Does Annie Grace work?

Whether you agree with her approach to alcohol or not, you can’t argue with the commercial success her philosophy has reaped. Annie Grace founded her company, This Naked Mind, four years ago and now employs 10 people, including her husband.

Where did Annie Grace go to college?

University of Colorado at Denver
University of Colorado at Denver.

What company did Annie Grace work for?

This Naked Mind
Annie Grace founded her company, This Naked Mind, four years ago and now employs 10 people, including her husband.

Who wrote the naked mind?

Annie Grace
This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol: Find Freedom, Rediscover Happiness & Change Your Life/Authors
Annie Grace is the author of This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness & Change Your Life. Annie lives happily alcohol-free with her husband and three children in the Colorado mountains.

How can I stop drinking book?

Quit Lit: The Best Sobriety Books to Help You Quit Drinking in…

  1. Alcohol Explained.
  2. This Naked Mind. The Alcohol Experiment.
  3. The Power of the Habit.
  4. We Are the Luckiest: The Surprising Magic of Sober Life.
  5. Alcohol and You: 21 Ways to Control and Stop Drinking.
  6. The Sober Diaries.

Is life better without alcohol?

Those who do without alcohol can also experience better digestion. “The villi of the small intestine contain proteins that break down the food. These proteins recover relatively quickly,” says Seitz. Without going into too much detail: gastrointestinal harmony makes life better.

Where did Annie Grace grow up?

Aspen, Colorado
Annie grew up in a one-room log cabin without running water or electricity outside of Aspen, Colorado. She discovered a passion for marketing and after graduating with a Masters of Science (Marketing) she dove into corporate life.

How old was Annie Grace when she started drinking?

When she was 35 and working as a marketing executive, Annie Grace was also drinking two bottles of wine a night. She’d taken breaks from drinking to have children, and she was able to abstain during the work week if she wanted to, but she still felt like alcohol played an outsize and destructive role in her life.

What did Annie Grace do to change her life?

And so she did some research, changed how she thought about drinking, and stopped entirely. Grace then wrote a book for others interested in doing the same thing: This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness, and Change Your Life.

What did Annie Yi say about Buddha on Weibo?

Annie immediately clapped back at her haters on Weibo, calling out one particular troll for ironically having a picture of Buddha as his profile photo. “I’ve stopped censoring [the trolls’ usernames],” she ranted. “I’ve never said that my child was pretty. When you scold me, I’ll laugh it off.

What are the reviews of Annie Grace’s book?

The book’s Amazon and Goodreads review sections are populated with comments like: “This is probably the most important book I’ve ever read,” “This book has SAVED MY LIFE ,” and “I bought this book by accident. It has changed my life more than any other book, therapy, counselor, class, doctor, or addiction specialist ever did, combined.”