How long does Frontline Plus work for cats?

How long does Frontline Plus work for cats?

When used monthly, FRONTLINE® PLUS FOR CATS completely breaks the flea life cycle and controls tick and chewing lice infestations. Research demonstrates that FRONTLINE® PLUS kills adult fleas, flea eggs, and flea larvae for up to six weeks. FRONTLINE® PLUS also prevents development of all flea stages for up to six weeks.

Can You reapply frontline if your cat still has fleas?

If you don’t wash everything as often as you can your cat may just be getting reinfected all the time and not still have fleas, in which case the frontline is working but there are new ones all over the place anyway. And the length of the coat should not affect the medicine much since it is designed to be an oil that spreads over the skin.

How long does it take for fleas to die from frontline?

New fleas are killed when they come into contact with the pet’s coat, but it can take up to 24 hours for the new fleas to die. However, if the Frontline applied was expired, it may not work at all; in this case, the pet owner must wait 30 days to apply it again. The ASPCA explains that any cats exposed to fleas will pick some up from time to time.

Which is the best flea treatment for cats?

FRONTLINE ® PLUS FOR CATS provides fast, effective and convenient treatment and control of fleas, ticks and chewing lice for cats and kittens.

Does frontline really work for fleas on cats?

Frontline Plus is a flea and ticks preventative treatment that can be administered to dogs and cats aged 8 weeks of age and above. It not only kills adult fleas and ticks, thereby preventing life-threatening flea and tick-borne diseases but also eliminates the entire life cycle of fleas (hence, prevents re-infestation).

What is the most effective flea treatment for cats?

One of the best flea medicines for cats is the pill nitenpyram (Capstar). It is effective within the first hour, killing all the fleas on your cat’s body. While killing all of the fleas currently on your cat, this does not prevent fleas reappearing in the near future.

Does Frontline have side effects on cats?

In cats, Frontline is safe to use and will rarely cause severe side effects. The most common side effects of Frontline in felines include skin allergic reactions. The substance may cause vision problems, so the contact with the cat’s eyes must be avoided.

Does frontline kill lice on cats?

Frontline will not kill lice or mites, it doesn’t on dogs and cats for that- and won’t on a chicken either. It kills & repels fleas and ticks nicely in dogs and cat. Lice and mites are different critters.

Can I reapply frontline any quicker than 30 days?

I don’t see why a few days early would hurt any but I will say what I was first going to say, best to ask a vet. You could, before applying the second dosage, give your cat a bath using Dawn Dish soap and a flea comb. Sit and pick as many off as you can. Then when the cat dries and stops grooming itself, apply the flea meds.

Can you put frontline in the carpet too?

You can put it in your carpets too. However, are you treating the house too? If you don’t wash everything as often as you can your cat may just be getting reinfected all the time and not still have fleas, in which case the frontline is working but there are new ones all over the place anyway.

Can you use Frontline Plus on 2 week old kittens?

Can I use frontline plus on a mother cat with 2 week old kittens… I just found fleas on my three day old newborn kittens and the mother. Are they going to die from anemia? … read more

Why does frontline and advantage not work for fleas now?

It can also be fed to cats and dogs for skin and coat, and a natural wormer…..although I haven’t done that. If you are seeing many fleas on the cats, then there are lots more in the environment. I would treat your home. Frontline does work, quite well. It is not a repellent and will only kill the fleas when they bite as far as I know.

When to use Capstar or frontline on kittens?

Frontline should not be used on kittens younger than 8 weeks of age…so, if these kittens are on and around the mother, nursing from her, etc…it would not be a good idea to have the Frontline applied to her. I also would not recommend using Capstar on the mother if she is still nursing.

Is it safe to use advantage on kittens?

It is safe to use Advantage or similar flea products on the kittens a … read more kittens: I keep them in my garage in an open cage that is 4ft by 4ft. I have a question about my 5 week old kittens.