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Is it okay to adopt only one kitten?

Is it okay to adopt only one kitten?

“Only-Kitten Syndrome” can be terrible indeed! The most common age you’ll see single kittens up for adoption in rescues and shelters starts around 6 weeks old. Generally before that age, they are not up for adoption yet. Single kittens can be found all the way up to kitty adolescence, which is around 10 months old.

Was getting a kitten a mistake?

Yes, it’s extremely normal to get remorseful after adopting any pet. It’s normal to feel inadequate, not be sure if you are a good pet owner or if your cat is feeling well taken care of. It’s okay to feel scared and overwhelmed. This feeling mostly comes after the excitement of bringing the cat home dies.

What do I need to adopt a kitten?

Okay, this probably goes without saying. You’ll need to get kitten food and containers for your kitten’s food and water. This is the most important item on our cat adoption checklist. Of course, you could use your own human bowls and plates to feed your new kitten.

Is it safe to adopt a kitten from a pet shop?

Also, inside cats sometimes slip out a door or window and can be exposed to all kinds of nasty germs before you get them safely back home. If you adopted your kitten from a pet shop or a shelter, they will most likely have already received their first set of vaccinations.

What do you need to know about kitten care?

Babies are used to their mom providing a nice 103 degree environment for them, and we must duplicate this the best we can. In the bottle-baby section we will explore this further. Warm also includes providing a non-drafty environment. For an older animal, all you need do, is make sure it has a nice warm, cozy spot to retreat to.

What’s the best thing to give a kitten?

Cat toys are important for bonding with your kitten. You can also bond with your kitten with interactive toys such as snakes or feathers attached to wands that you can pull around for your kitten to chase. Cats are intelligent animals and your kitten will soon realize that you are controlling the toy.

How to tell if a kitten is healthy before adopting it?

Great! Of course, you want your kitten to be healthy. The best bet to ensure healthiness is to take your kitten to the vet before even bringing it home. At the shelter, though, you can take some steps to make sure you’re getting a healthy kitten, including checking the kitten’s face, body, and behavior.

Where can I find adoptable cats in my area?

Use the nationwide database of cats looking for good homes below! Search by zip code to meet available cats in your area. Please note, these cats are from rescues and shelters nationwide and are not available through the ASPCA.

When to take your cat to the vet after adoption?

It may take your cat a week or two to adjust. Be patient. Within a week of being adopted, take your newly adopted cat for her first wellness visit with a veterinarian. If you have a record of immunizations from the shelter, take it with you.

What should I bring home with my new cat?

Cats love to get away from it all in small places, and you can provide one for your new cat as his own little safe haven. If he came home in a cat carrier, that might be a good choice. You can also make one by cutting a doorway for her in the end of a box.