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The Importance of Narrative Essay Writing Skills

One of the most important forms in the whole system of working on the skills of students’ coherent speech is essay writing. It controls the level of students’ knowledge, expands teaching material, makes artistic works reading more deep and comprehensive. As the rule, an essay reflects the individuality of the student, his/her world outlook, as this form requires the expression of his/her own thoughts and views on life, on the characters, on events, facts.

Any type of essay writing requires the formation of conscious ownership of the types of text. There are three semantic types: narration, description and reasoning essay.

A narrative essay is a type of essay that describes events in a specific sequence. The narration of events is conducted using two styles: artistic and conversational (for example, in dialogue). In this essay, the classical scheme is used: exposition, introduction, development of action, culmination, resolution. The exposition is an introductory part, which reveals the motives and objectives of the description. The introduction is the beginning of actions, that is, a general description of the subject of the description or impression of it. The main part of the essay is the development of action, where all the signs of the subject are considered. For example, when narrating from the scene, items, an indication of their location and the process itself are listed. The culmination of the narrative essay is characterized by the description of the most intense moment. Here it is important to use expressive means of language – these are epithets, comparisons, metaphors, hyperboles. The resolution is the final part of the narrative essay, which helps to formulate the main conclusions or comments. This type of essay describes sequential actions, talks about events in their temporal sequence.

Why we should write narrative essays? How often this question is asked by students. For them, the answer is always obvious – nobody needs it. In fact, narrative essay writing is the training of logical thinking and the consistent presentation of your thoughts. The narrative essay writing gives the skill of analyzing and identifying a causal relationship.

What is essentially a narrative essay? This is a consistent, convincing statement of analytical thoughts on a clearly defined topic. There is a bare sheet of paper and one single question or topic on which it is necessary to find your own thoughts on your own. This is not a test, providing a blunt mark on the supposedly correct answer. Here is a clean sheet and that’s it. To fill this sheet, the brain must work in both hemispheres. The more often a person will write such essays, the more often the brain will work to the full extent and a person become a narrative writer. By the way, narrative essay successful writing requires years of training. Therefore, in schools it is desirable to develop narrative essay writing skills from the earliest age.

A person who can correctly and consistently express his/her thoughts will always have the advantage of convincing others in his/her position. Therefore, he/she will be able to be a leader, he/she will be able to achieve what he/she wants much faster and easier (for example, move up the career ladder or knock out any bonus), feel much more confident and know how to lead people.

The narrative essay writing makes you focus on a single subject. In the beginning, it often seems that there are no thoughts in the head on the topic. But once you start the thinking mechanism, ideas and theses fly into a swarm. Sometimes they complement each other, illuminate the diversity of the image or event, and sometimes they are opposite and controversial. And then the challenge arises – to make things as clear as a bell, and not to express confused en masse. It so happens that a person has important knowledge. But because of the inability to correctly explain them, no one understands and hears him/her. There are also such cases when more cunning people, delving into the essence of the confused thoughts of a genius, arrange them in a system and set out correctly and beautifully on their own behalf. As a result, the thief gets a recognition, and the genius stands modestly aside, eating the leek.

Finally, the efficiency to handle the structure of the narrative written by the master of the poetic word, trying to write the narrative essay independently develops the aesthetic perception capability, forms the skills of brief, dynamical expression of the narrative texts on the principle of artistic narration or literary editing.