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What can I give my rabbit for diarrhea?

What can I give my rabbit for diarrhea?

Proper diet is critical for prevention. Treatment of diarrhea in rabbits involves identifying and treating the cause, if possible. Specific treatment options vary among veterinarians, but as a rule, fiber in the diet is increased (often nothing but hay may be offered for several weeks).

What should I do if my Bunny is having diarrhea?

Diarrhea, but Still Eating. If your rabbit has diarrhea but is still eating, treat them as a sick pet. Although eating is a good sign, if your bunny has diarrhea, it can quickly lead to dehydration if left untreated. A rabbit diarrhea home treatment is to change their diet.

How long does it take for diarrhea in rabbits to go away?

Further, offering treats will make them less likely to want to eat the hay that they need to get better. Add greens to its diet after it’s had normal droppings for a week. It might take anywhere between two weeks and three months for your rabbit’s fecal and cecal droppings to return to normal.

Is it normal for a baby rabbit to have diarrhea?

If you see normal, hard fecal matter along with other watery droppings, the problem is actually soft cecotropes. True diarrhea is rare in adult rabbits, but sometimes occurs in young rabbits, especially in improperly weaned babies. It’s a life-threatening emergency in rabbits of any age.

Why does my rabbit have soft stool and diarrhea?

Enterocytes are absorptive cells which are essential for the proper assimilation of nutrients. When the cell walls of the intestines are unable to absorb properly, the fecal matter which passes through is affected and leads to overly soft and wet stool, i.e. diarrhea. As you will read, enteritis is caused by many factors.

When to take a rabbit to the vet for diarrhea?

Symptoms should subside in a day or so, but keep your rabbit’s hind end clean until then. Also, you might consider talking to your vet about rabbit diarrhea medicine. If your rabbit’s diarrhea persists even after a diet change, then it’s time to take them to your veterinarian. Typically, your vet will perform a thorough exam.

What kind of diarrhea does a Baby Bunny have?

Unlike normal feces, which is hard and round with visible pieces of hay, if your bunny has diarrhea it will be soft and loose. This is more common in baby rabbits than adults. Let’s take a look at the causes of loose stools and diarrhea in rabbits.

What to do if your rabbit is still producing hard poop?

If your rabbit is still producing hard poop, it is likely the less serious soft cecotropes. The first thing you should do if you determine your rabbit has diarrhea, is to see a vet. Vets can be really expensive, and your first instinct may be to hesitate in order to see if it will sort itself out.

Why do Rabbits get dehydrated when they have diarrhea?

Diarrhea can cause your rabbit to become dehydrated because it loses much water from its body which is why it’s watery. As you begin to do what you need to do to make sure that diarrhea goes away, it is very important to keep it hydrated so that it won’t feel weak which might even make matters worse.